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The Concept

The Luzmon is a revolutionary health, fitness and body shaping concept for men and women of all ages.

You lie back while the treatment¹s heated pads and electronic impulses work on your body ­ with the same results as if you¹d crammed several intensive workouts into one. It only takes 45 minutes and it's safe and comfortable.


The Treatments

The Luzmon offers unique benefits in terms of price, time spent, results and experience.


We recommend that you start by having three or four treatments a week, for 10 to 20 treatments. Then simply follow up with maintenance treatments as you need them. Each session lasts 45 minutes and costs £80. For a limited period, 12 sessions cost £800 ­ exceptional value at £66 per session.

The Luzmon is a new revolutionary concept for bodyshaping, available to men and women 7 days a week. Its safe, fast, efficient, highly effective and effortless!


The Luzmon treatment is based around an entirely new technology ­ thermostimulation - unique in its ability to use two primal forces of nature ­ electricity and heat ­ in a carefully balanced series of pulses. These pulses are delivered to the body via silicone pads in a number of exactly specified combinations to stimulate the body¹s own inherent powers to bring dramatic results, fast.


Fit and Fabulous creates a flatter stomach, toned arms and legs, a firmer bottom and a pert chest ­ all in the same session. A unique combination of firming, shaping, toning and reducing programmes improve your target zones.


Cellulite addresses the root causes of cellulite through intense massage, normalizes the blood flow and tones underlying muscles through intense massage.

Elastin and collagen production are boosted, improving skin texture and appearance.


Slimming achieves a drastic reduction in body fat, and, by raising your metabolism, effortlessly burns off calories. It reduces water retention and improves overall fitness ­ you drop a dress size in no time.


Peak Performance achieves muscle definition whilst also improving flexibility and core conditioning. It encourage greater power and a better physique. Muscle injuries heal quickly, while tired, sore muscles are rejuvenated and energised.


The Benefits

Every Luzmon treatment has beneficial effects on your body and general appearance:

Metabolic rate increases

Muscles relax

Circulation and drainage is improved

Injuries heal faster

Endorphin levels rise, creating a feeling of wellbeing.


The Place

There's only one location in Britain where you can experience The Luzmon - that's because we have sole and exclusive rights in the UK. It's situated in the heart of Kensington, in our luxury 9500 sq f fitness suite, comprising 15 elegant treatment rooms, private changing rooms, shower facilities and lounge area.

Our professional and highly trained team are licensed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (London) and fully trained and certified by Ros's, the Spanish manufacturers of the advanced technology at The Luzmon. 


Telephone: 020 7937 32000

E-mail: info@luzmon.com


What Next?

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