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Isologen Process

Imagine your own most vibrant, actively growing cells being reintroduced into your skin, harnessing your body's natural restorative powers. That's how the Isolagen process works.

The Isolagen process is a revolutionary facial rejuvenation treatment that is unlike anything available in the world today and has been proven to be a safe and natural solution to combat the effects of ageing.

Using your own collagen-forming cells (fibroblasts), the Isolagen process can put back new strength and elasticity in your skin by rebuilding its' collagen support matrix helping to smooth out wrinkles and folds, giving your face a more youthful appearance.

The cosmetic effects of the Isolagen process are longer lasting.

This remarkable cell therapy process has been proven to be long lasting and effective for the reduction of wrinkles, lines and scars in all areas of the face. Unlike other procedures where injections must be repeated constantly to maintain the benefits, with Isolagen only three repeat treatments are required in most cases as the cells continue to do their work over years rather than months.

We have patients who are still enjoying the youthful effects of the process up to seven years after their initial injection.

How It Works
Your surgeon or dermatologist takes a small piece of skin tissue from behind your ear by local anaesthetic at their clinic. Your tissue biopsy is then specially packaged and sent off to the Isolagen laboratory where your collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts) are grown and extracted.

The strongest and most energetic cells divide into millions of new living fibroblasts . After about eight weeks these cells have reached a population of tens of millions of new fibroblasts and are ready to be injected into your skin. Once injected, the fibroblasts integrate and start laying down new collagen. Repair to the damaged foundation of your skin is initiated by replacing the missing cells with the addition of your own cells where the wrinkles and depressions have formed. This smoothes out your skin and enhances your appearance.

Typically, only two further injections are required at two-week intervals. In most patients, results will progressively improve for 18-24 months and should last for several years. The body naturally accepts these new fibroblasts into its cellular matrix. New life and support is breathed back into your skin.

Facial blemishes overview
Over time and with exposure to the environment, your skin begins to age. The results cannot be reversed and the active collagen-producing cells in the skin gradually reduce in numbers. Every year the skin loses about 1% of its fibroblasts and thickness.

The visible effects are a thinning of the skin and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is as though the collagen-producing factory within the skin is slowly being shut down.

Synthetic fillers and those made from animal-derived collagen can only produce temporary benefits. This is because they originate from outside the body and are not made from your own cells.

In the future, the solution to many ailments and problems due to ageing will come from using a human's own cells to replenish and revitalize parts of the body.

Isolagen is the first and only natural process to use your own cells to repair your skin and give it new life, naturally filling out facial scars from trauma and acne.

Isolagen is also effective in helping to reduce acne scarring and other scars resulting from trauma or chickenpox. Current treatment relies on drugs and the use of lasers to burn away the top surface of the skin. The technique of subscision, where a small cut is made below the scar to release the scar tension, and total excision are common treatments for acne scarring. These modalities, however, can leave a scar or a depression and may re-occur over time.

With Isolagen your surgeon or dermatologist can inject fibroblasts directly below and into the scar and grow new collagen to redefine the original skin surface.

Upon completion of the Isolagen treatment program, the acne patient's skin can be further smoothed by using second-phase (or secondary) treatments such as dermabrasions, chemical peels and non-ablative lasers.

If the epidermis (outer skin) is very irregular, then a light pass with an erbium ablative laser helps smooth it out.

Isolagen is a groundbreaking treatment for acne scars, which can provide a long-term natural way to return large areas of damaged skin to its original smooth appearance.

Why Choose Isolagen?
The Isolagen process is the first in the world to harness the power of your own skin cells. A proven therapy for improving smile and lip lines, crows feet (lines around the eyes), vertical lines around the lips, acne scars and chicken pox scars.

Here are just a few of the benefits that the Isolagen process can bring to you.

The first long-lasting collagen therapy in the world. It has been proven highly successful in the USA with patients still showing excellent results up to 7 years later! There is no chance of sensitivity and no need for continuous top up injections

A quick and totally safe procedure performed by your surgeon. Your cells are grown in our own UK laboratories to the highest standards
A totally natural source of collagen derived from your own cells. For the first time, a natural alternative to synthetic and animal based products. Collagen products currently available in the UK are made from bovine collagen, which is derived from cowhides.
No allergic reactions just long lasting effects. Bovine collagen is subject to the activities of enzymes that break down collagen, so the injections only last for three to six months. By contrast, three years after the Isolagen treatment , 80% of the collagen-forming cells (fibroblasts) are still active in the skin. Most patients have reported a continual improvement and are still enjoying the benefits up to seven years after treatment
Cell Storage - Isolagen can store your skin cells at any time for future use. Your cells are there to be called upon, at the age when they were originally harvested. Fresh, vibrant collagen producing cells that are your own and ready to regenerate your skin

Storing Your Cells
Can you imagine having a never-ending supply of your most active and youthful skin cells ready to be used for any lines and wrinkles that may develop in the future?

Hard to imagine I know, until you hear about the Isolagen Cell Storage System.

During the Isolagen process, a small sample of your own collagen-producing cells (called fibroblasts) are taken and sent to the Isolagen tissue-growing laboratories where they are extracted, cultivated and stored.

At the time of storage, the fibroblasts are treated with a protective solution that allows the cells to be frozen without damaging them. These cells are then placed into special vials which, in turn, are moved to a freezing chamber to ensure they freeze at a controlled rate. When the cells are ready for the final freezing stage, they are plunged into liquid nitrogen for long-term storage in specially-designed tanks.

Cryostorage/liquid nitrogen
The tanks maintain the cells at a constant temperature of -196 Celsius, ensuring that they remain in a state of suspended animation and stay at the age at which they were harvested.

This remarkable cell therapy process has been proven to be long lasting and effective for the reduction of wrinkles, lines and scars in all areas of the face. Unlike other procedures where injections must be repeated constantly to maintain the benefits, with the Isolagen process only three repeat treatments are required in most cases as the cells continue to do their work over years rather than months.

Using this method, Isolagen is able to store your most energetic fibroblast cells indefinitely. And with studies showing that younger cells have even greater restorative powers than older ones, plan for the future by storing your more youthful cells now. This will give you the assurance that your vibrant cells will be ready for use should any lines or wrinkles develop in the future.

Cell Storage System from Isolagen - makes the future look better...

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