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Gyrotonic Expansion System

The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a unique form of exercise which draws on influences from dance, swimming, tai chi and yoga.

In one to one sessions and using a specialised piece of equipment, which is built around the human body, one is guided through a series of circular spiralling and undulating movements, using spring resistance and weights where necessary. Through these movements one is able to facilitate full articulation of all the joints and at the same time exercise the musculature; this in turn encourages co-ordination, flexibility and strength, creating a toned and freer body. The use of breath is also an important part of the system and interrelated with movement, assists the flow of life force and vitality through the meridian systems and energy centres of the body, creating an ultimate feeling of well being and centeredness.

In addition to this, the low impact nature of the equipment and the subtleness of these movements make the system equally beneficial for the athlete as it is for anyone seeking rehabilitation from sickness and injury. Particular attention is paid to the functional capacity of the spine.

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