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Chavutti Thirumal

What is it? This massage treatment is a blend of continuously choreographed and rhythmical strokes using warm oils and is administered by the foot of the masseur/se, whilst balancing on one leg and holding onto an overhead rope. This thorough and exotic treatment lasts for approx. one and a half hours and during this time the repetitive rubbing and ironing out of the client encourages the loosening and releasing of tension and pain throughout the whole body. With the combination of connected breath-work of the client there is an overall balancing of all systems, including the meridians, the circulatory systems, a toning and stretching of all muscle tissue, a detoxifying of all the major organs. All this can leave the client feeling taller, energised and renewed. This treatment can also facilitate the client to become more aware of the condition of their body. It can help create a more conscious & sensitive understanding of posture, diet & nutrition and exercise.

Where does it come from? Chavutti Thirumal comes from Kerala in South India. This is the home of the ancient art of Kalaripayattu, a martial art, and Kathakali, a classical style of dance. Both these traditional arts use the Chavutti treatment on a continuous basis to promote strength and suppleness to aid the practitioners in preventing injury during their training sessions. There is a myth that Chavutti comes from a very old heritage and that it is based on the dance of the Hindu god Shiva, the lord of destruction and creation.

Whats required? What distinguishes Chavutti Thirumal from other massage treatments is the application. The foot of the masseur/se is able to give a deeper, more thorough pressure and is able to cover the whole length of the body from the tips of the fingers to the tips of the toes, with long continuous graceful strokes. As with many years of training for Kalari and Kathakali, the process of learning the Chavutti art may require a type of calling and certainly a deep dedication to the well-being of people and their physical, emotional , mental and spiritual upkeep. The masseur/se will have been inspired into trying to understand and prevent illness in order to develop the skill and dexterity required that enables a deep concentration and co-ordination to execute this joyful but intense experience.



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