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Biodynamic and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

“Is directly concerned with the organic links between the mind and the body and their integrated functioning. Psychological principles are not just theories and concepts, are not just concerned with perception and thought processes, but are actual energetic forces of organic and neurological reality that affect the whole body. The term 'biodynamic' refers to the fact that a person's life energy flows throughout their being and their body in a natural and spontaneous manner ('bio' means life; 'dynamic' means movement). Life energy is the force that moves us and brings us to life on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Biodynamic psychology follows many of the basic early concepts of Freud, especially about the libido and its circulation, and especially the concepts and some of the practice of Wilhelm Reich.

Is the psychotherapeutic practice based on the above and combines a basic approach to another person and a comprehensive and integrated system of techniques that incorporates psychotherapeutic body work, body-oriented psychotherapy, and verbal psychotherapy. It influences the physical, the energetic, the psychological, the mental, and the emotional aspects of the client. Because it incorporates approaches to both the mind and the body, it can be particularly effective, flexible, and direct, whilst also being respectful, gentle and subtle. As psychotherapy and a professional practice, it involves an extended period of training, including theory, experiential training, clinical work, and supervised practice, as well as requiring that the trainee has received a significant amount of personal psychotherapy, and is mature and experienced enough to assist another person with difficulties and powerful emotions� taken from the LSBP (London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy) website.

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