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Aerobic exercise increases lung capacity (intake of oxygen) and strengthens the heart muscle (more effective pumping of oxygen), helping the body to clean more effectively and rapidly and helping reducing risks of heart diseases. Aerobics can also increase your body level of HDL, a substance that carries cholesterol out of the blood system. Aerobics can also lower blood pressure. A sedentary person's heart beats 75 times per minutes versus regular exercisers' heart beating 55 times per minute. So to speak, in a year, a sedentary person's heart beats 10,512,000 times more than an active one. Therefore, aerobic training maximize your cardiopulmonary efficiency which means your heart accomplishes more work with less efforts, and your lungs can make more place inside your body for more oxygen intake. As a result, you feel fit, you avoid illnesses, you chase away laziness, you think more clearly, and you memorize better. Aerobic exercise forces the lungs and the heart to work slightly below their maximum capacity (the Maximum Heart Rate, or HR Max). This range is to be found between 60 and 80% or your HR Max; it is called your Target Heart Rate, or THR.

Doing aerobics regularly can decisively improve your heart rate, you body condition, and your state of mind. Over 20 years of research has shown that aerobic exercise is one of the best exercises you can do since it is a safe and complete work out, as well as a fun sport to do.

Aerobics conditions your heart and lungs, help you use oxygen more efficiently and help control weight and reduce stress. A regular aerobics program gives you a sense of responsibility and the assurance of being in control of your body, which are two positive mental attitudes that are necessary to help reduce stress. Aerobics helps relax tense muscles, and a regular aerobics activity increases the body's production of endorphins (a natural sedative) and catecholamines (chemical substances that help stabilize moods). So, aerobics can makes you feel happy.

Aerobics activities should be performed for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes, at least 3 times a week to maintain a good body condition, more often in order to burn fat.

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