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Hellerwork was founded by Joseph Heller in 1978 following his study of Rolfing- Structural Integration at the Rolf Institute, and his presidency of the same in 1975.

Based on Structural Integration developed by Ida Rolf, Hellerwork also incorporates movement education and a body-centred human development processes.

The aim of Hellerwork is to balance and realign the body through the combined treatment of deep tissue massage and education of body movement. This combined approach aims to increase flexibility and ease of movement and reduce any pain or tension held in a particular part of the body.

Hellerwork also incorporates self-awareness through discussion. A reduction in stress and tension in the body opens up new options of movement for the muscles. Discussion helps to encourage greater personal, emotional and cultural awareness and increases awareness of new emotional options.

During a Hellerwork session the therapist will first access your lifestyle and movement problems. Then, usually lying on a massage table, the therapist will apply slow deep pressure to certain areas of the body. These are accompanied by slow controlled movements of the body made by the client and gently guided by the therapist. 

If everyday movements are performed incorrectly, over time pressure can build up upon certain parts of the body. The therapist will be able to discus these movements and, if necessary, teach exercises to correct the posture and realign the movements of walking, sitting and standing.

Clients are left with a feeling of lightness, and the rebalancing and feeling of liberation will continue between treatments, slowly building a new sense of awareness of the body and everyday movement in relation to gravity.

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