Diane 's Beauty and complementary centre

We offer a friendly and relaxed service, I have been a therapist for 20 years and specialise in lymphatic conditions.

Complementary therapy services include - manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) Helping all types of lymphatic problems. This therapy has a powerful cleansing effect helping to gain proper function of the lymphatic system, is deeply relaxing, it aids circulation and the flow of lymph to reduce oedema (swelling) scar and tissue fibrosis before and after surgery, digestive problems and sinusitis.

Aromatherapy - Reflexology - Chinese facial massage - Hopi ear candles - Indian head massage and Reiki are used to treat the body and mind as a whole and can be administered singularly or in combination where needed.

AROMATHERAPY - after a consultation oils are selected for your specific treatment, they are administered in a carrier oil and massaged into the skin. This therapy is both relaxing and balancing to the body and mind.

Reflexology and Reiki- these treatments are given fully clothed and treat the whole body, aiding your own body to heal itself.

REFLEXOLOGY is given via the feet and hands most commonly the feet, using compression techniques to areas that correspond to different parts of the body.

REIKI is given with the laying of hands and is very soothing and suitable for everyone. it helps to harmonise the chakra's Crystals may also be using during the treatment.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - Involves the therapist using there hands to give massage techniques to the head,face, neck and shoulders and helps relieve stress and muscle tension.

HOPI EAR CANDLES - Ear Candles give a light suction action, this induces a warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses and is soothing to the areas. (MLD see above) is given following this treatment for sinus conditions.

Beauty Therapy services include -

FACIALS - using the aromatherapy based MONU products.

HANDS AND FEET - OPI and GELISH for your hands, feet and nails to look and feel good, heated treatments can be used for extra luxury.

SAFE TANS - St tropez bronzing for that summer glow.

HAIR REMOVAL Electrolysis permenant hair removal and Waxing.

MAKE UP - Bare Minerals , these have no parabens and are suitable for the most sensitive or skins as well as all skin types.

EYE TREATMENTS - tinting, styling eybrows and false lashes.

BODY TREATMENTS include inch loss wrap, power massage combined with (MLD) for cellulite. MONOI Coocoon for pure pampering.