The Class is run on the lines of Personal Training en mass. The unique way the class is organised allows exercises to be specifically tailored to individual clients needs and requirements. For more information about fitness Classes click here or Gymstick Nordic Walking click here.

Should you be unlucky enough to suffer from back pain, can help to alleviate and eliminate pain to find out more click here


Nordic Walking is finally starting to take off in the UK and now is the perfect time to have a go at this fantastic sport. provides a unique version of Nordic Walking which includes Gymstick exercises as seen on the BBC's Countryfile programme and the Fitness Class page of the website click here. A demonstration of the versatility of this fantastic workout can be seen by clicking on the link below the picture on the Nordic Walking page of the site click here. New classes are now under way with additional classes planned for the very near future. Beginners can book either a 6 weeks (1 hour each week) course or a more intensive 1 day course lasting 6 hours. Poles are available for loan during the course and a selection of Nordic Walking Poles are available for sale too.

The courses are suitable for all levels of fitness and ages but you will need to book your place to make sure we have the correct size poles available for you on the day. The good news is that you will experience a 25-35% harder aerobic workout than if you were walking without poles and you will also burn around 40% more Calories at the same time! However, the really good news is that you will not feel as though you are working any harder than if you were walking without poles and you will experience a full body workout at the same time.

Once you are proficient you can join the weekly Nordic Walking Club that meets each week on Wednesday evenings.

This club is growing fast so now is a good time to join. Come along, make new friends, enjoy good conversation and get an enjoyable walk in the fresh air.


is the name you need for Personal Training. With 19 years experience in Personal Training and many more in the fitness industry we will certainly be able to find something that is effective and enjoyable - the key is working together to discover what it is that motivates you. The consultation includes a comprehensive fitness test (including body measureemnts & body fat calculations, as well as strength and fitness tests). The fitness tests are repeated regularly to plot your progress and we can even devise a regular training diary with your target and budget in mind. Lets discuss your ideas and set a realistic and achievable set of both short term and long term goals - when we work together we can achieve the results you want. The Personal Training sessions are fully mobile and are provided from the comfort and convenience of your own home. For more information about Personal Training click here.


Alternatively, why not contact ? You could indulge yourself with Aromatherapy, Swedish or MLD massages. You can enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic or stimulating massage - any of which could be as a self indulgence exercise or as a means to relieve a medical or physical condition. Alternatively you could incorporate the massage session into a lower back injury rehabilitation programme with a specialist from . Most importantly of course is that you enjoy the experience. For more information about href=""target="_blank">click here .


provides a bespoke service for mothers and their partner during pregnancy and the post natal period. Massage, mobility, simple and safe exercises as well as support all play key role during the sessions from pre-conception right through to the birth and beyond. It is important not to let the father feel left out so lessons can also be included to teach him how to give a safe, relaxing and comforting massage to his partner throughout the pregnancy and during the birth. Simple pain relieving Shiatsu pressure points are used and have proved to be very useful (and safe too). For more information and to view some typical price plans click here.


Quality and confidentiality are key words here at whether you are enquiring about Aromatherapy, Personal Training, Circuit Training, injury prevention/rehabilitation, Antenatal/Postnatal care or relief from a medical or stress related condition you can be assured of a high quality and sympathetic service every time. Why not take a look at some of the Testimonials (below) which have been provided by some satisfied clients or click the link to see the full list on the website click here.

The main aim of , and is to provide a quality service from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We all have to deal with stressful times which have crept up on us all in recent years - we suddenly find we have to store larger and larger amounts of information in our head in this technology led age (even our television seems to require more information to work properly). Then there is the traffic - sheer volume and congestion - need we say more? The list goes on and on …….and on! Let take care of you.



Jane (Mother from South Carlton)

I first heard about Martin’s services via the NCT and saw him for a series of massages during late pregnancy. I had been suffering with some hip and back pain and thought that massage may help. My first baby had also been breech and I was keen to ensure that this baby was head down to give me as much chance of a natural birth as possible.

I found the sessions with Martin extremely relaxing and so did baby who always nodded off to sleep! Being able to have a massage at home was wonderful and provided a great opportunity for some precious time for myself. I was very impressed by Martin’s professionalism and, in addition to the massage, he gave me some exercises for my back and hip problems and great advice on how to encourage the baby into a good position.

Martin also included the opportunity for my husband to learn some massage techniques ready for when I went into labour. This proved useful for both of us – my husband felt he would have a helpful role to play and I was reassured that he would be able to provide support using the massage we had practised.

Following the sessions with Martin and using the techniques we had learnt my labour went well I achieved a relatively quick and comfortable natural birth.

James age 19 (Lincoln)

When i first started personal training sessions with Martin i was suffering very badly from depression and had a very bad lifestyle. Being too depressed to cope with a job or education, I resorted to staying at home and sleeping all day, watching tv all night, binge eating and no social life. I was unhappy at being overweight and had no confidence. Working with Martin, he taught me the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle, and gave me week by week goals of how to get there that were manageable and practical for the personality i have. We set goals for my sleep pattern and food intake and worked together to come up with activities to fill up my time and raise my metabolism.

Week by week we worked within the comfort of my own home using the Gym-Sticks which were very effective, and would highly recommend over a free weights set, especially for beginners.

He also taught me how to eat well using the Gi Diet which i have since integrated into my lifestyle and couldn't be happier with the way i eat now. The exercises i did with Martin were tailored to suit my fitness and flexibility and we worked together to improve specific weaknesses and fitness concerns I had.

As time went by my confidence improved and i started adding activities to my lifestyle including 5-a-side football and cross training - the weight just fell off and without realising it, i began to socialise again and started to pursuing goals of my own. Since meeting Martin barely 6 months ago i have lost a good stone and a half, acquired a job and found a really good friend in Martin himself. I'm even looking to get into the instructing career path myself! This man know's what he's doing!

Alison aged 44 (Lincoln)

I started one to one personal training with Martin almost 9 months ago. I am hypothyroid and have many varying symptoms all which raise their head every so often. Since working with Martin the improvement has been amazing, slow but amazing! I have my off days physically and mentally all of which is taken into account, but the overall effect on my life is where the difference is. I am fitter and healthier and I have more confidence in myself so I can cope with my condition so much better than before. Martin is an incredible trainer; with his experience he seems to understand what you can do and how far you can go, and how much "gentle" persuasion to use to get the best out of you.

With the hypothyroidism comes a lot of muscle and joint pain, so to complement the personal training I occasionally use the MLD and aromatherapy massage, which helps me relax. The massage is indeed very relaxing and expertly applied by Martin, he is very aware of how self conscious us women can be and everything is very discreet, with modesty intact. It is a wonderful experience.

A final note from Martin:

I can't help but feel humble when I read these testimonials. Each person thanks me for my efforts but in reality it is a journey that we have taken together. I couldn't have achieved any of this without the confidence and belief of my clients. It is I who thank them.