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Emma Mackilligin Acupuncture

27 Holywell Row, London, EC2A 4XE - View Map

Email: emma@emacupuncture.com
Web: emacupuncture.com

About Us

Five Element Acupuncture is a powerful and transformative system of medicine dating back to Ancient China. Passed down in an unbroken lineage for over 4,000 years, this enduring tradition is designed to restore and maintain optimum levels of health and wellbeing across the mind, body and spirit. Beyond easing and preventing symptoms of pain and illness, Five Element Acupuncture has the power to reconnect us with the natural world and forge a path back to our true selves. By rekindling our ability to live with authenticity, integrity and an awareness of our place in nature, this system enables us to make the most of every day and embrace life as a gift to be cherished.

Registered Professionals

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Opening Hours:

Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 11am-7pm

Treatments Offered: