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Robert Cotterill

41 Cedars Road, Clapham Common, London, London, SW4 0PN

Mobile: 07811 362766

About Us

"Our body is our mind, and our mind is our body".

My name is Robert Cotterill and I work as a complimentary therapist specialising in mind and body therapy by using a system called Muscle Activation. I am also qualified in Swedish massage and trained in Indian head massage.

Muscle Activation is a treatment system designed by Douglas Heel. Its aim is to test structural integrity within the body, to identify what happens when that integrity is compromised, what can be done to correct this and most importantly, how to prevent this in the future.

When we experience stress or trauma (either to the mind or body) this can impact on our ability to function fully. A physical trauma (for example a broken bone) will undoubtedly affect the body as it is forced to adapt to a new way of functioning.

This new way of functioning can potentially put the body into a sympathetic state (fight or flight) which, if not addressed adequately, will affect all the major systems of the body, including the digestive, respiratory and endocrine, leading to digestive problems, breathing problems and sleep problems, as some examples.

The aim of Muscle Activation is to get you back into a parasympathetic state.

This powerful treatment can be very profound, with clients bringing up past experiences and emotions. Nothing is wrong or right and nothing is judged. It is what it is: your body releasing the mental attachments that it has been holding onto.

This is your opportunity to explore your relationship with your mind/body and to reconnect with your true, honest and open self.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty‚Ķ for otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.‚Ä? - Buddha

I use Swedish massage/Indian head massage skills to release tightness, enhance rest and relaxation, as well as encourage efficient removal of toxins from the body. I am very conscious to adjust my treatment to suit the individual client to ensure that they receive the appropriate treatment for their needs.

I work from home in Clapham, not far from Clapham Common Tube station (10 minute walk) and Clapham Junction Train station (15/20 minute walk), both of which are served by a good network of buses, in and out of London.

Off-road car parking is also available if required, but please confirm that you require this before your treatment.

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Opening Hours:

8am to 6.30pm Monday to Thursday.
8am to 1.30pm Friday.
Some Saturday and Sunday availability (please either email or call for details.
07811 362766

Treatments Offered: