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A1 Health in London

London, London

Tel: 07850953519
Web: http://www.ishbelpoole.com

About Us

Ishbel is an experienced homeopath based in North London, Green Lanes N4

Just about any physical or emotional health condition can be treated with advanced homeopathic bioresonance technology. Bio-resonance screening is a safe and non-invasive method of
obtaining information about many aspects of your health. It can help with a wide range of health concerns from minor sensitivities to debilitating long-term conditions.

The scan picks up imbalances and weaknesses at an energetic level. Balancing frequencies which stimulate your own healing process are then imprinted into a remedy. Supporting the body in
this way can have profound effects on healing and immune health.

Screening can help identify the underlying imbalances which are triggering symptoms of:
Candida, IBS, Depression, Anxiety, Food Sensitivities & Intolerances, Acid Reflux, Arthritis, Digestive issues, Parasites, Recurrent Infections, Sleep Disorders, Hormone Imbalance,
Back Pain, Sciatica, Urinary Urgency, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Toxins

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