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Castlewood Therapies

London, London

Tel: 020 8265 4308
Web: www.castlewoodtherapies.co.uk

About Us

Hello, I am a qualified and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing(r) Practitioner (The Mongan Method) based in Eltham, SE9. I am also qualified as a Sound Therapist (BAST Method), a Tama-Do(r) Practitioner (Sound Therapy, Colour Therapy & Chi Movement) and a Therapeutic Voicework Practitioner (excellent for deep emotional release and shifting energetic blocages).

I support people with physical & emotional issues in a holistic way, using a range of techniques. Each person is treated as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

I offer the wonderful and powerful Tama-Do(r) treatments using Colour Silks (on the body), Colour Essences (in the auric field) and Tuning Forks on the acupuncture points of the body. The Musical Spine treatment combining Colour Light and Tuning Forks along the spine is a deep and powerful technique which, on a personal level, contributed to significant life changes.

In addition, I support pregnant women in achieving a calm and relaxed birth, through a self-hypnosis childbirth programme called HypnoBirthing(r) (The Mongan Method). I also offer Sound Therapy in Pregnancy, Sound Therapy for Mother & Baby and Sounding for Birth sessions, using Therapeutic Voicework for wellbeing throughout pregnancy, also highly empowering in childbirth.

The areas I can help people with are:
- Empowering women in childbirth
- Helping people having a hard time
- Supporting change and transformation
- Balancing energies in the body
- Helping with relationship issues
- Deep emotional release work
- Helping people become more authentic!

Contact me for a chat on any of the above.

For more information, check my websites:

or call on 020 8265 4308

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