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About Us

I am a skilled and experienced Bodymind therapist, trained in many forms of well-being and healing therapies, including Holistic & Advanced Massage, Transformative Bodywork, Deep Bodywork, Medical Acupuncture and Supportive Therapy. Key to my approach is an understanding that mind, body and spirit are all connected and influence each other.
During sessions I am always aware of your physical body, your emotions and your mental state, and engage with these in any way you are comfortable with. Whatever kind of massage or bodywork you need, I tend to work in an integrated way, drawing from various approaches to healing and wellbeing, including bodywork, Mindfulness, breathwork and counselling. I offer a wide range of possibilities:
Treatments for everyday wellbeing, relaxation, de-stressing and simply feeling good.
Medical and clinical treatments for musculo-skeletal problems, physical pain or persistent poor health, and for those dealing with medical issues, including cancer.
Transformative work to remove the blocks that stop you from being the person you want to be and to help you live the life you want.
Women’s health issues, helping women understand, heal and reclaim their bodies, and providing physical & emotional wellbeing during pregnancy or in menopause.
Supportive therapy using an integrated approach to provide support and help during tough times.
The way I work with you as a whole person means that you will receive a treatment like nothing you have ever had before.

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