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Alison Baron, Therapies for Women

Epping, Essex

Tel: 01992 619585
Web: http://www.therapiesforwomen.org.uk

About Us

Alison started healing in 1996 and is fully qualified with membership of professional organisations. Testimonials and further information are available on her website.

Alison takes a holistic approach to her treatments, which means working on all levels - emotional, mental and spiritual, as well as the physical. She believes in treating the whole person, rather than just the symptoms, thereby not grouping people together because they have the same problems, but seeing each individual as unique.

Experience a holistic session of Reiki. Healing is about more than just the physical level. It is usually necessary to heal on the other levels as well – emotional, mental and spiritual. Many changes may occur in all areas of your life and these are some of the positive effects of undertaking a session of healing.

A continually stressed mind can often manifest into physical symptoms. Therefore, prevention is better than cure and clients often attend a therapy session to help relieve stress and tackle minor symptoms before they have the chance to develop into something more serious.

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