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Tel: 07950 380621
Mobile: 07950380621
Web: www.amatsu.info/

About Us

Amatsu therapy is a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy that can be administered to most musculo-skeletal problems for correction, pain management and rehabilitation. It is a relaxing full body treatment, that uses soft tissue and pressure techniques. Amatsu is suitable for all age groups from young babies to those in their more advanced years.
Amatsu can help with a wide range of problems including: neck, shoulder, back pain. Whole body Balancing. Sciatica, headaches, migraines, injuries, sprains, strains, chronic pain relief, postural problems, IBS and stomach problems, joint problems, arthritus, tennis and golfers elbow.
Amatsu’s breakthrough in the West began when Three Westerners, Dennis Bartram, Christopher Roworth and William Doolan made history as Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi PhD broke with Japanese Tradition in 1995. He granted them full teaching rights of the ancient school of Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu. Now these ancient time tested teachings are available through the development of its Masters both as a Therapy and a movement management system.
Amatsu is different from many other therapies because it uses only soft tissue techniques,and works with the whole body, with knowledge of all of the bodies systems. These include; muscles, ligaments, viscera, nerves, energy meridians, skeletal, bones..plus many more.
There are now 5 Amatsu Training schools establised in the UK and Eire. All Amatsu Practitioners are regulated by the Amatsu Therapy Association, and adhere to their strict training and practice standards.

Registered Professionals

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Opening Hours:

Monday 12 -8pm Beaconsfield
Tuesday 2-8pm Berkhamsted Wednesday 2-8pm Berkhamsted Thursday 12-8pm Beaconsfield

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