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SG Physical Therapy Ltd

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Mobile: 07737 075182
Web: http://www.sueglasgow.co.uk

About Us

Working with a vast range of clients of all abilities from teenagers to octogenarians, presenting many different issues, her practice is continually developing and her priority has always been to deliver the most up-to-date, effective and efficient bodywork treatments to give clients better freedom of movement and freedom from pain.
Sue has an integrated approach to her practice. What this means is she hones all her bodywork skills in deep tissue, sports massage, BodyReading and movement practice to give each and every client a unique experience.
Sue continues to evolve her practice and over the past 2yrs has completed several courses both online and in person with Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains and the Art of Motion Slings Myofascial Training team where the focus is on our myofascial tracks, the connective tissue that holds us together and keeps us upright. Developing her skills in BodyReading, Sue is able to assess your posture and gait which often holds the key to mapping the patterns informing us why you have pain or restricted mobility. Then we can literally shape the change with hands-on treatment and movement strategies.
Clients can book in for a single session to target a specific issue which is absolutely welcome but quite often will realise that the pain is not necessarily the source of the issue. This is why I offer a reduced price 6 session package to be used over a limited period. During this time we work together to map the patterns, discover compensatory patterns and embark on a bodywork journey to create space in your body, ease in your movement and to becoming pain free.

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