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Neil O'Sullivan

London, London

Tel: 07941 998 293

About Us

Through my interests in healing and yoga I discovered Thai massage. This is a beautiful healing art,combines yogic stretching with energy work through "Sen Lines" the energy pathways of the Thai Tradition. Traditionally performed in the Buddhist temples of India and Thailand this massage is like a mediative dance between the giver and receiver.
It is great for anyone who love a good stretch and a deep but relaxing massage.Brilliant for back, shoulder and neck tension!
I then went on to study Ayurvedic massage. This healing art from the Indian tradition uses specially selected oils to balance out the bodies predominant dosha. It is performed on a mat on the floor and the practitioner uses their feet to massage the back of the body combining long fluid strokes with slow deep work. This is combined with deep, gentle stretching and more traditional massage stokes. This beautiful, relaxing massage is truly unique and a joy to receive.
I am currently studying and practicing Vortex Healing a healing art from the Merlin linage. Using Divine healing Light and consciousness to release conditioned patters from our energetic bodies this magical healing art can work right through to the Karmic body. By going to the root of our issues and mental and emotional conditioned patterns and and releasing at that level we are able to experience a greater freedom in our lives and remove that which separates us from awakening to our true self. I am currently an Omega level Practitioner. See vortexhealing.org for more info.
I work from a therapy room in East Dulwich and am available for local home visits.


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