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Jo Sorotos

The Haelan Clinic, Crouch End, 41 The Broadway, London, N8 8DT - View Map

Mobile: +447980586538
Web: trueandnow.com

About Us

Two services available:

1. CLINIC-BASED FULL-BODY THAI YOGA MASSAGE TREATMENTS (please see below for more info re. TYM)
1hr: £60
1.5hrs: £80
2hrs: £100
(30 mins treatments also available but not full-body - £30)

2. ON-SITE MASSAGE - extracts of the full Thai Yoga Massage treatment with the convenience of it being brought to you (sessions usually 20 mins or multiples thereof).
Specialising in theatre, dance and music companies, providing treatment for performers, and staff, both technical & office.
These shorter sessions focus very directly on particular issues, but drawing on the richness of TYM are remarkably effective in resolving problems, especially if done regularly.

Cost can be direct to company, direct to employee or split.

TYM is a remarkably therapeutic and deeply relaxing form of bodywork that uses acupressure (on meridian lines and therapy points) and applied stretching to :
- relieve muscular tension
- address injuries
- eradicate negative stress
- improve energy levels
- improve alignment, flexibility & movement
- promote a wonderful feeling of well-being

It affects a person on every level, leading to a feeling of being deeply relaxed whilst also very clear and alert. This can be immediate or may take longer depending on baseline health/wellbeing levels.

Treatments are done fully clothed in loose comfy clothing on a futon mat (similar to Shiatsu).

TYM is highly effective for many problems including:
- lower back pain & sciatica
- shoulder and upper back tension
- neck tension
- muscle tension following a prolapsed disc
- chronic & severe headaches
- digestive problems inc. IBS & Chrohn's Disease
- tiredness
- stress
- managing a range of serious conditions inc. undergoing chemotherapy, acute emphysema as well as other conditions.

HOME VISITS: Available for women; men I ask to have their first appointment at one of the clinics. NB If you come to my home the normal clinic prices apply. If I come to your home there is usually an increased fee.

LENGTH OF TREATMENT: TYM is intended to be a comprehensive re-balancing treatment and traditionally is 2hrs long. This is extremely beneficial. As this isn't always possible - either time or money wise, the shorter treatments are available and are still very beneficial. If possible its worth trying a 1.5hrs treatment at least.

Registered Professionals

Registered Professionals are fully trained and are bound by a strict Code of Practice. You can be confident of a high quality, professional treatment. Click on the therapist's name to see the treatments for which they are qualified and insured.

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Opening Hours:

4-7pm every Friday (NB other times available by arrangement) at:
The Haelan Clinic
41 The Broadway
Crouch End
London N8 8DT
020 8340 1518

Treatments Offered: