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t/a Sarah Yapp Therapies

20 Lifstan Way, Southend On sea, Essex, SS1 2YA - View Map

Tel: 01702 624 213
Mobile: 07891508895
Web: www.sarahyapptherapies.co.uk

About Us

Treatments to suit all ages, abilities and requirements, in a fun safe and relaxed setting.
I have been trained as a Therapist for over 11 years and have treated many people form all backgrounds and walks of life, and with many different ailments. However I also treat just for relaxation and general wellness.

Ayurveda is the Ancient Indian Medicine, which is having a revival now as we search for a true balanced state in a world of chaos. Using yoga techniques and herbalised oils we can bring you into a place of perfect inner stillness, where healing can take place. Shirodhara is a part of this treatment, and it the art of pouring warm herbal oil onto the forehead to relieve migraines, sinus problems and insomnia. Especially good for exam times, as there is also oil which increases memory and alertness.

Reflexology is the Ancient Chinese method of using pressure points on the feet, which when gently massaged effect a positive change within the body. This is great when applied to diseased conditions and can rapidly help heal and bring energy to the patient. I specialise in Maternity and sub Fertility Reflexology, and can be booked as a doula for women during labour.

Swedish massage is a great all round treatment for aching and tired bodies and minds. In addition to this another treatment is available called Meditation Massage which combines visualisation and breathing techniques with massage to clear emotional burdens and blockages.

I make my own natural and organic skincare preparations many including Ayurvedic oils, which are used in the facials. it is astounding how different a natural facial is, and how different you will look and feel afterwards.

I am an empowered Meditation teacher of Master Dechan Jeuren 49th Lineage Holder of Hanmi Esoteric Buddhism and 47th Lineage holder of Linzi Zen School. We have many mediation techniques which are taught within an empowered Shrine within our premises.

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Opening Hours:

10am -9.00pm Monday Tuesday
9.30am - 8.00pm Wednesday
9.30- 5pm Thursaday
9.30- 3.00 Friday

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