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t/a Unity of Heart

Cornwall, Cornwall

Mobile: 07708 565820
Web: www.unityofheartfalmouth.com

About Us

My work focuses on healing through 1-1 Reiki, Angelic and crystal healing sessions and Kundalini Yoga which can help to re-balance and align your energy bodies and stimulate your own healing processes, helping to bring us back into balance. Working at the level of cause, bringing deep healing and helping to awaken and guide you on your path.

I work intuitively and closely with the Angels and also with her Guide, Mother Mary. My work has now fused together to create a beautiful energetic blend of the powerful Reiki energy guided and held with the vibration of the angelic realm, the vibration of pure love, which takes you deeply into your own being, journeying through and accessing your many multi-dimensional energy bodies bringing awareness and healing at the cause.

I also runs weekly Angelic channeled meditation groups. By giving yourself time-out to meditate can help to connect with the present moment, helping to let go of the past & future thoughts and give the time and space to just Be.
By connecting with your breath and with your heart energy we can begin to connect back with ourselves, helping to bring through feelings of relaxation, calmness, and peace, bringing through a deeper sense of unity and universal energy.

Angelic workshops are where the Angels support us through meditation, heart connection, creativity, sounding, manifestation and much more. Helping to bring through a deeper sense of our connection, helps us to tune into our inner guidance and the wondrous energies of the Universe, Angels and guides.

Kundalini yoga has brought all of my beliefs together in a way that is tangible, practical and with tools and teachings that we can all use everyday to support our lives and healing. She loves to share these teachings and encourages her students to connect and move deeper into parts of themselves that have been kept hidden thereby offering a truly empowering experience. She also offer a Divine feminine chanting group where we come together as sisters to rejoice in our connection with the Divine Mother.

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