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Kim Roberts - formerly trading as Body Language


Mobile: 07855 159384
Email: body.language@virgin.net

About Us

A practicing Complementary Therapist for 17 years, specialising in Remedial & Sports injuries massage, my treatment sessions are for 2 hrs - 2.5 hrs for new clients, to allow for a thorough medical history consultation. My sessions include a full postural assessment, deep massage, manipulation & mobilisation techniques, stretching & exercise routine advice and a commitment to finding the root cause of your discomfort, rather than simply treating the symptoms. We look at contributing factors, i.e. work, hobbies, lifestyle and create a treatment plan that helps keep you pain-free, happy and able to indulge in your chosen activities. Together, we work out how long you can go between treatments, usually 6-8 weeks, sometimes 10 weeks. Your body will let you know.

Working with all ages, from young children to people in their 90's, my clients include NHS professionals, patients with terminal illnesses {a real privilege to work with people through this time of their lives}, sporting professionals and people struggling with their mental health brought on by stress-related issues.

We all experience discomfort in our bodies for many differing reasons throughout our lifetimes, be it age or work related, hormonal in origin, pressure to achieve, significant life events that knock us off track emotionally, or due to serious illness of injury. Everyone requires a different approach and I am able to utilise various therapy skills to create a rounded, holistic and effective treatment experience.

Complementary therapy can and is able to run alongside and compliment conventional medicine practice. Our service helps take pressure off of our incredible NHS and gives people more choice, motivation and positive options for helping take responsibility for their own health

I hope the above is helpful and, if you would like further information about working together, then please do contact me. Please allow up to 48 hours for my getting back to you - thank you.

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