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Tel: 01482 656 490
Mobile: 07510784003
Web: www.amethystwingstherapies.co.uk

About Us

Amethyst Wings Therapies has been successful for 24years. Providing Crystal Therapy,The Bowen Technique, Reflexology,Emotional Freedom Technique,Hopi Ear Candling,Chakra balancing & Geopathic stress solutions.

Do you suffer severe migraines or headaches? Try The Bowen Technique. Many people who have had migraines/headaches all their lives are now free. See testimonials.

Areas of speciality are back problems, neck problems, migraines, headaches, fears & phobias.

Do you feel better when you are away from your home?
Do you have any of these symptoms when you are in your home?
• Sleeplessness
• Feeling drained
• Lacking energy
• Irritable
• Mood swings
• Bad dreams
• Children won’t settle at night
• Grinding teeth in your sleep
• Odd smells in certain rooms
• My house won’t sell
• Always arguing
• I feel much better when not at home
• I hear strange noises
• I feel as though I am being watched
• Unwanted spirits

If you have some of the above symptoms when in your home environment and not when you are out then you may be suffering from geopathic stress.
Some Earth energies are beneficial for our health and others are detrimental. And detrimental earth energies can weaken our immune system and create various health problems. Our body has the capability to heal itself given the right conditions. So by healing your home it will bring about overall health and wellness.
I have been a Complementary Therapist for 22 years and there has been the odd people who never completely get better. So I decided that by looking at the health of their property would be an integral part of their treatment/healing.

If you think that I can help you, please give me a call on 07510784003

or visit my website amethystwings natural therapies

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Opening Hours:

9.30am - 6.00pm Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday

If these times are not convenient, please call me and we can come to some mutual time on another day.

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