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Mobile: 07946523438
Web: www.kneadsmust.com

About Us

Kneader On-Site Massage (KOM) is a mobile, onsite massage service that is unique in offering a chair massage that marries the best of traditional on-site massage with all the relaxing moves of Swedish massage. It's done using 'the Kneader' - a versatile and easy-to-use hand-held tool that KOM's parent company, Kneads Must, has designed and manufactures for trade and public use (available on Amazon.co.uk under 'The Kneader').
Kneader On-Site Massage currently serves the South-East London area and offers chair massage to customers with several routine choices: 10 minute (basic back), 15 minute (full back), 20 minute (full back and neck) or 30 minute (full back, neck and head) sessions for events, tradeshows, corporate or group massage. 1hr sessions are available and required for an individual booking, which involves a fuller version of the KOM back, neck and head with the addition of arms and hands. The Kneader flows really well over clothes and KOM routine is done with two Kneaders for a wonderfully deep and relaxing chair massage.
Every part of the Kneader is useable and a wide variety of hand positions can be used to achieve all the major moves of a professional massage, which is why many therapists already use the Kneader to supplement their routines to save their fingers/joints during deep and/or repetitive movements.
KOM massage routine is easy for therapist's to do and an accredited day course in Kneader On-Site Massage will be available to Level 3 therapists in 2016 (please contact Una directly if you are interested in booking a KOM course). For more information on Kneads Must/the Kneader, please visit www.kneadsmust.com and check out the 'Quick Rub Clips' on our ‘Kneader Moves’ page that show the Kneader in action or visit the Kneads Must YouTube channel under 'Kneads Must'. Una can be contacted at una@kneadsmust.com or on 07946 523438

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