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Body Work Therapists Limited

Devon, Devon

Tel: 01626 852575
Mobile: 07766223087
Web: muskelym.com
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About Us

Musculo / Skeletal / Lymphatic Therapy
Advanced Remedial Massage
Musculo/skeletal/lymphatic Therapy evolved from ‘Advanced Remedial Massage & Bodywork’ and we practice it and teach masterclasses in it.
Have you ever had an Operation?
Have you ever had a car accident?
Have you ever had a really bad fall?
Have you got muscular pain?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these then you probably need to come.
Muskelym works mainly with three mediums
1. The soft tissues - skin, muscle and fascia,
2. The fluids other than blood - Interstitial fluid and Lymph
3. Adhesions - areas where tissues are stuck together and may even have formed inappropriate tissues.
All largely ignored by Therapists other than Masseurs, surprising since the body is over 15% soft tissue other than the major organs, over 60% fluid other than blood.
Aberrant tissue surrounded by thick sticky stuff shouldn't be there at all!
Given this it is not surprising that the majority of our everyday aches and pains fall within a Muskelym Therapist’s particular competence.

Registered Professionals

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