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I am a Holistic Therapist based in Edinburgh with specialist expertise in treating Multiple Sclerosis but have also treated numerous other diseases and conditions successfully.

I use a combination of treatments during each session to achieve the best results for each person. I also draw upon my knowledge and interest in other disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai' Chi, and Theta healing.

I offer the following treatments :


A compression massage of the feet which works to bring the whole body into balance while providing an hour of effortless relaxation. This therapy has been found to be very effective in the treatment of many disorders and effective in the symptom management of various diseases. In addition it has a value in preventing ill health as it has found to be useful for stress management and sleep disorders.


An extremely simple but effective non- invasive therapy which involves removing energy blockages from a person and restore them over a period of time to optimal health. The person has merely to lie down fully clothed while the practitioner works to remove these blockages by hovering their hands above the person's energy centres.
Generally the sense of inner peace and relaxation is immediately apparent.

Hopi Ear Candles

Another deeply relaxing, calming and soothing treatment, which involves placing two linen tubes infused with herbs into the ears. The other end is lit and the smoke and vaccum created draws out any impurities and blockages within the ear. Great for flu's, colds
compacted ear wax, sinusitis, and catarrh to name but a few. Recommended as block of treatments for optimum benefit.
Client's often remark an in improvement in hearing afterwards!

Indian Head Massage

Great for anyone who stores a lot of tension in their back neck and shoulders, as this therapy treats all of these in addition to the head! Tight muscles are worked out in addition to the relaxing and stimulating effect of the increase in the circulation to the scalp. Another feel good factor!

Isis Blue Moon Healing or Energy Healing

This is similar to Reiki in many ways but the energy can be more intense although the recipient will not perceive it as such! This is Eygptian in origin and works with Goddess energies rather than universal energies and can usually quieten down the busiest of minds into a wonderfully floaty feeling of relaxation! This can help with any physical symptoms too!

Registered Professionals

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Opening Hours:

I work at The Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre in Leith three days per week treating members and their carers and also work from home.

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