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Make Up - Camouflage

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The make-up used is specifically designed to block out unwanted colour thus allowing the Therapist to then introduce natural skin colours with further make-up. The face and body can be treated of women, men and children. Eventually most clients are taught how to apply the make-up by the Therapist allowing the application to be done at home.
The products used are hard wearing and designed to be waterproof. The different colours are mixed and matched to the skin tone.
The client can purchase these cosmetics from some Therapists. Alternatively, some large pharmacy stores will order them for you once you have been told the colours you require.
Should the disorder be classed psychologically disturbing by a Doctor, it is possible to receive treatment from a Therapist working in a hospital and acquire the make-up creams on prescription. This is quite rare and will depend upon the extent of the disfigurement and where it is on the body.

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