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Bio Detox

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On a daily basis, our bodies encounter and store unwanted toxins, this is a by-product of busy lifestyles and increasing pollution in the environment. Cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine are also key sources of toxins and the most common method of eliminating them from the body involves dieting and exercise. The Bio-Detox system offers a relaxing, alternative, therapy for reducing unwanted toxins.

What are the Benefits of Bio-Detox Body Detoxification?
The Bio-Detox has been designed for well being but reducing toxins in your body can produce improvements in:
Circulation, Fatigue, Irritability, Food Allergies, Poor Digestion Joint Pains , Arthritis, Kidney Function, Liver Function

How Bio-Detox works:
A small metal coil (array) is placed into the foot spa and immersed in tepid water. A low current generated from the Array is passed through the water, which creates a flow of electrons that converts the water into the same Bio-Energetic field as the client enjoying the treatment. The Bio-Detox system allows the positive and negative ions to travel through the body. the ions create a gentle vibration, which aids the release of unwanted toxins within the body through over 2,000 pores on the sole

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