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If you are unwell or in pain, then Chinese massage (known as Tui Na) can bring you welcome relief - it is one of the most tried and tested massage therapy in the world. It is a very effective treatment when used in combination with acupuncture.What is Tui Na?

Tui Na (pronounced 'twee-nah') massage is a complete healing system, like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. These three forms of therapy are the main components of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Tui Na is applied to your clothed body. Patients sit on a chair or lie on a couch. In China, Tui Na therapists treat conditions that, in the West, would be treated by osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists or with drugs
The benefits of Tui Na treatment
Tui Na therapy treats chronic pain, especially that caused by muscle-skeletal conditions and injuries. Neck, shoulder and back pain and immobility, sciatica and 'tennis elbow' all respond very well.

It is, however, impossible to treat a specific condition with Tui Na without improving the overall Qi status of the body. This means that headaches, migraines, IBS, constipation, PMS and a whole range of emotional problems also improve with a Tui Na therapy.
Be prepared to answer some questions about your state of health before having a Tui Na treatment. The therapist will have your whole being in mind, not just the symptom most obviously bothering you - it is truly holistic.

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