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Chakra Balancing

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At the central core of our body spin seven main wheel-like energy centers called chakras. Chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate and transmit energy.

Each chakra is a vortex, spinning life-force energy into or out of the body. In fact, the word chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light".

There are 7 major chakras connected to and a part of the physical body. All are located on the torso and head. Each chakra transmits and receives life-force energy often called "chi", "qi", "prana", or "universal intelligence". There are also many minor chakras, most of which are located at the joints of the physical body.

When we are in a state in ill health, the chakras may be distorted, out of alignment or even stagnant. When this happens, life force energy cannot flow in and out freely and the physical body may suffer. Stress, inability to express emotions, beliefs incongruent with Truth, disconnection from a higher power, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, exposure to toxicity, etc. can cause the chakra
system to close down.

Each chakra resonates with a particular frequency of vibration and are an integral part of vibrational medicine. Chakras are balanced by inviting them back to their natural state of vibration & frequency.

The physical body is a unit made of many different integral parts that are designed to be self-correcting. The body's job is to maintain balance and the free-flow of energy. The chakras are an energetic gateway, feeding the body pranic energy and providing an outlet for the release and dispersal of spent energy.

The tools most commonly used to balance the chakras are:

Crystals & Gems
Subtle Aromatherapy
Sacred Geometry
Touch Therapies

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