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Advertising FAQ / Help

What if I don't advertise?

Your existing listing will of course continue to be shown as normal.

If you don't add any money to your advertising account, you will not be charged anything ( but any advertisements you add will not be shown ).

You will not be charged any more than you pay in. If your balance is not positive, your advertisements will not be shown until your advertising account balance is restored to a positive amount.

Help! I'm a bit confused, how can I get started?

Don't worry too much about understanding everything in this FAQ.

The best thing is probably to just try it out and not worry too much about fully understanding in advance.

Start at Advertisements and click on the the "Create a New Advert" link.

After doing that, you need to add some money to the advertising account, £1 will do.

Come back a day or two later to see how your advert is performing ( how many times has it been clicked ).

How do I make an effective ad?

The key to an effective advertisment is accurate targeting.

We recommend that in most cases you

  1. Make a seperate ad for each keyword ( = treatment you offer)
  2. For keywords that are very general (e.g. "Massage") use Exact Match
  3. Use Geographic Context with a suitable radius ( e.g. 10 miles )
  4. Mention both the keyword and the geographic location in your ad
  5. Taylor the wording to the particular treatment

Try to put yourself in the place of your potential client : what are they looking for?

Consider using a phrase such as "Treat yourself to a..." or "Pamper yourself with a ..."

Writing effective sales copy is not easy, it is hard work, but very rewarding when you get it right. Have a look at other people's advertisements to get an idea of what may be effective.

Where are the adverts shown?

Advertisements are shown on There are currently 3 kinds of adverts.

  1. Text adverts, which are shown as "Sponsored Links" on the right hand side ( currently 3 slots )
    (a) In the treatment guide, e.g. Beauty Therapy
    (b) On the main listing search results page, e.g. Beauty Therapy near GL2
  2. 468 x 60 pixel Image Banners, that are shown at the top of most pages ( exceptions are individual listing and register pages, and some forms ).
  3. 180 x 150 pixel Images, that are shown in the same places as the Text Ads, e.g. Facials or Facials near GL2

What happens when one of my Ads is clicked

When your ad is clicked, the bid amount is deducted from your balance. If your balance is zero or negative, your ads will not be shown until a payment restores the balance to a positive amount.

How can my balance go negative?

This is not very likely, but due to the time delay between an advertisment being served by the server and an end-user clicking on the advertisement, it is possible. You are not obliged to restore the balance to a positive amount, but the server will not distribute any more of your ads until this is done.

Is there a minimum amount I can pay in?

You can pay in as little as £1 to get started, once your adverts are running we suggest a minimum of £5, this will be reviewed over time.

How does the rating system work?

The system has to decide which adverts to show, so there is a rating system

It takes two factors into account

(1) How much you have bid

(2) An estimate of how frequently the ad is clicked.

The second part is an indication that users of the web site are finding the ad "relevant" - it doesn't make sense to continue to display adverts that never get clicked.

The formula for calculating the rating is

[ Bid in pence ] x [ Estimated Click Through Rate (CTR) as a percentage ]

The Click Through rate (CTR) is calculated as

100 * ( Clicks+2 ) / ( Shown + 100 ) %

where Clicks is the number of times the Ad has been clicked, and Shown is the number of times it has been displayed. So the initial CTR for a new Ad is 2%.

Ads must have a rating greater than 1 to be shown, except for Banner ads ( that tend to have low CTR ), where the minimum rating is just 0.1. These Minimum ratings are subject to change.


You create a new Text ad, with a bid of 10p ( £0.10 )

Then the initial rating is 10 x 2 = 20.

Once your ad has been shown 900 times, without any clicks, the click through estimate falls to 100 x 2/(900+100) = 0.1%, and the rating is now 10 x 0.1 = 1

So at this point the rating has fallen to 1, and the Ad will no longer be shown, unless the bid is increased.

If however it is clicked, the CTR, and therefore the rating would rise, and it will continue to be shown, as long as it gets clicked 0.1% of the time, unless it is "outbid" by higher rated adverts.

What keyword should I use?

The keyword you choose is matched with the page Title ( excluding the fixed "Embody Health & Beauty Guide" part ).

So to advertise on the EmbodyForYou home page, you can create a 468 x 60 pixel Banner ad, with keyword "Home".

More typically the keyword will be the name of a treatment in the Treatment guide.

If the keyword is left blank, the Ad will be shown on any page ( this is subject to approval / review - such blanket ads are not likely to be effective ).

You can use a '%' symbol to match any number of characters, this is occasionally useful for alternate spellings. For example On%Site Massage will match both "On Site Massage" and "On-Site Massage".

How does geographic context work?

If you specify a location and maximum distance other than zero, your ad will only be shown on search results pages where the end user specifies a location within the distance specified. Using a postcode to specify the location is the most reliable method, but you can also use place names. Postcodes and place names currently are supported only for the UK and Ireland, elsewhere only a Country can be specified.

How can I enter several similar Ads more quickly? (Tip)

After saving an Ad (Submit button), you can user your browser back button, make any changes ( e.g. a different keyword ), and then Submit again to create a second similar Ad. Your ad will tend to be more effective if you include information related to the keyword rather than the same text or image for each case, though of course this is more work to set up.

Alternatively, you can Amend an existing Ad and use the "Save as New Ad" button.

How many ads can I have?

There is no limit at present, but this may be reviewed if this is abused.

You cannot keep creating ineffective (low CTR) ads just to take advantage of the initial 2% estimated click through rate.

It is fine to create many ads on different keywords, wording, geographic context etc.

The system will only show 1 of your ads, of a given type, at a time ( the highest rated ). In other words, you cannot occupy all 3 Text ad slots on a page.

Can I link to my Embody Listing?

Yes. In this case you should set the Display URL to, and the Destination URL will be for example ( preview your own listing to find the correct number ).

My advert is not showing on a particular EmbodyForYou page, what's wrong?

Possible reasons:

Problems / questions

If you have any problems or other questions please email

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