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Marie Atlas Ltd

London, W1G


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About Us

AtlasPROfilax® is a new revolutionary treatment that realigns the Atlas bone (C1) which is out of place in 98% of human beings.
In most of us, the Atlas is out of alignment from birth, due to an inherited defect or to the mechanical stress during the birth process. The misalignment degree could be worsened by falls, knocks, accidents, whiplash, etc....

This condition leads to serious disturbances of the spine, affecting the posture, blood flow, lymphatic drainage and the nervous system, leading to different conditions, for example:

- back, neck, hips, knees or shoulders pain
- whiplash, stiff neck
- frozen shoulder, hip imbalance/misalignment, TMJ/TMG
- leg length discrepancy, trapped nerves, bad posture
- headaches, dizziness, vertigo, migraines

A specific vibrating tool is used to relocate the Atlas to its correct position, in one session and permanently.
There is no cracking of the neck, any kind of chiropractic manipulation, or anything that might be traumatic, this procedure is non-invasive and very safe.

The price of the treatment is £225 for an adult (£150 for a child under 16 yr), and includes 2 sessions.
The initial session is for the Atlas realignment.
It includes simple body alignment tests to indicate whether the Atlas is out or not, whether the spine is aligned or whether one leg is longer than the other, etc... Those tests are performed before and after the treatment.

The second session (free) is for a check-up, any muscular release massage required and to also clear any negative cellular memory.

My main practices are in London (Harley Street - W1G 9QD) and Gatwick (East Grinstead - RH19 3RT).
I also hold bi-monthly Clinics in Birmingham, Manchester and Ireland.

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